I was defeated.

You showed me grace.


Kevin Schmieder has relapsed twice in the process of recovery.

“My first stay at UGM was in 2011. I knew something needed to change and I gave it a shot. I really tried, I just wasn’t ready to fully surrender, and I ended up leaving program early.”

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Take Action: Backpacks


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Summit Church serves


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Pray for kids at camp.

Ryan Brown, UGM Youth Outreach Director, said he loves knowing that people are praying for UGM Camp: “Prayer is so crucial! Many of the kids are in crisis and in spiritual battles – even if they don’t know it. Pray that the work of the Lord is present in their lives all year, with camp serving as a crucial stop along the way. We are praying that through kids’ lives changing, so will families, neighborhoods, and even a generation.”

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Perfectionism is the enemy of recovery


When it comes to failure, the question is not if but when. We all fail. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes those failures are the result of taking healthy risks. We tried something new and the learning curve was steeper than we expected, so we failed. But sometimes, we knowingly, willfully choose to do the wrong thing. We break resolutions. We fall back into old habits. We believe a lie and act on it. We forget that God loves us and we can depend on His power, so we fret and worry and scheme. Some of these failures hurt us. Some of them hurt those around us, quite often the people we love most. All of them disappoint our Heavenly Father.

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