January 2017

Ann | Mentee

After 25 years working in social services, Ann was exhausted. Raising two sons by herself had taken its toll. After they moved out, she quit her job and found she was alone with a person she didn’t like - herself. “I just stopped ... believing that there was anything left for me to do. I was old and I was a burden.” Unhealed wounds from the past cropped up, dragging her self-worth even lower. She withdrew from friends and family, and her isolation fed a spiral into darkness.

“I was ready to die. I was more ready to die than I was to live.”

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Partnering with the Inland Northwest

In 2010, UGM leadership undertook the monumental task of creating our first strategic plan. We started by taking a hard look at our purpose statement: Was it accurate? Did it clearly define who we are, what we do? And after some serious thought, we decided there was an important piece missing: partnership. That’s when we added that initial phrase:

“Partnering with the Inland Northwest...”

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