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LIFE at the Mission

Inside stories of hope, courage, and recovery

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Jim and Ken


What I really needed

4 min read

“What I really needed…” Former Addicts Discuss the Choice to Change.

We know people need love. People need a safe community, connections to housing, medical care, and jobs. They need to know they’re not alone, they’re...

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4 min read

Homelessness Today: Why It’s Hard to Accept Help

Think for a moment about a time when you faced a life-altering choice. The hours and days before the decision can feel like you’re staring down two...

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5 min read

Former Resident Gives Back: Anita Williams' Story

Every day, we get glimpses into people's stories, and often we get to walk alongside men and women for a season... but only occasionally do we get...

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3 min read

The Painful Truth that Leads to Freedom

Written by former Men’s Recovery Program Supervisor Mike Sholtz

I had been working at UGM for only a short time when one of the men in the program...

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fall 2018 collage 3

2 min read

Real people. Real change.

On the surface, Mike, Debra, Justin and Samantha have seemingly nothing in common.

Justin was born in Chicago with alcohol and meth in his system....

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