"I'm Thankful for My Rocky Past": Thoughts on Gratitude from Shelter Guests

Posted by Union Gospel Mission Nov 25, 2020 3:13:24 PM

"I'm thankful for my rocky past, for it has brought me here today." Miranda, Resident, CdA Center for Women and Children (CWC) 

"I'm thankful for the chance to be the mother my children have always needed." Resident, CWC

“I am thankful for my son and sobriety.” Sabrina, resident, Crisis Shelter for Women and Children (CS)

"I'm thankful for being able to come here to heal and rebuild my relationship with God." Resident, CWC


"Thank you for a chance to further my education."

Resident, CWC


"I'm thankful to be able to work in a community of people who love Jesus, and for my family and my puppy." Mackenzie, resident, Anna Ogden Hall (AOH)

"I am grateful for peace in my life." Felicia, ETO, UGM Thrift Stores


"I am thankful for friends I've met here and the many blessings
I have received here at the shelter.”

Stana, resident, CS


“I am thankful for God’s continued presence in my life and my family.” Dave, volunteer, CS

"Thank you for believing my life matters, that I am worthy and deserving of the help I’m receiving in order to live a better life." Resident, CWC


"This is Carson, our 7-week old Bernedoodle. 
We are thankful for so much and he makes us joyful as well."

Linda, staff, CWC


"Thank you for such generosity." Resident, CWC

"I'm thankful for my sobriety." Natasha, resident, AOH

"I'm grateful for my new found relationship with my son and his wife and my health." Wanda, UGM Thrift Stores


"I'm thankful for Jesus."

Ruschell, resident, AOH


"I'm thankful for being adopted into a beautiful family." Resident, CWC. 

"Thank you for giving me a second chance." Resident, CWC


Thomas“I’m thankful for the opportunity to do this program. Thankful that not only is it going to change my life but my kids’ lives for the rest of their lives."

Thomas, resident, Men's Shelter


"I'm grateful for the amazing food provided." Resident, CWC

"Thankful for a second chance, and learning how to do life differently with God at the wheel." Resident, CWC

"Thankful for the laughter of children." Resident, CWC


"I'm thankful for new beginnings."

Misty, resident, AOH


"I'm thankful for Ellie [children's program assistant]."

Bryson, child resident, AOH


"Thank you for helping me change my life." Resident, CWC

"Thank you for allowing me the chance to rebuild my future." Resident, CWC


"I'm grateful for where God has placed me. Grateful to have another opportunity to change my life for the positive."

Jacob, resident, Men's Shelter 


"I'm thankful for Lori [staff member]"

Mariana, child resident, AOH



"...For my mom."

Bryynt, child resident, AOH


"I'm thankful for life and a love I never had before." Resident, CWC

"Thankful for having a good job. It's been a long time." Ben, UGM Thrift Stores


"A Poem of Gratitude"
Miranda, resident, CWC


I’m thankful for the snow, the rain, the birds up in the air,
I’m thankful for the summer wind, blowing through my hair.


For little hands and little feet, and little lips and noses,
For all the wonders in this world, for the thorns and for the roses.


For eyes that blink and hands that wave, for knees to fall and pray,
For the brand new love of a bride and groom, for the words we have to say.


I’m thankful for unanswered prayers , and the times that God is still,
For better things that come our way, when we give up selfish will.


For laughter with my sisters, and conflict resolution,
I’m thankful for the problems, for they teach us a solution.


I’m thankful for my rocky past, for it has brought me here today,
For God’s forgiveness, and His grace that helped me find my way.


For every time I hit rock bottom, and every time I got back up,
For all the things that held me back, and every time I got unstuck.


I’m thankful for the memories of the ones who’ve come to pass,
For all the people in my life who never put me last.


For grandmas there for little girls, whose moms had gone away,
For dads who did the best they could, and worked hard every day.


I’m thankful for the bullies, though what they did was wrong,
It reminded me to teach my kids, that everyone belongs.


I’m thankful for all the gifts, that God has given me,
And for the truth, I am most grateful – for it has set me free."



“I praise God that He always has a bigger plan in mind and that he allows me to see His on-going work in the lives of those we serve.”

Dave, UGM Administrative staff

"I'm thankful for the UGM Center for Women and Children. I have been given a new life in Christ. My recovery would not have been possible without this program." Resident, CWC

"I'm thankful for The Union Gospel Mission."

Resident, CWC

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