Kevin: “My life revolved around avoiding pain.”

Posted by Lynn Yount, Staff Writer Jun 22, 2017 2:16:47 PM

“I ended up on the streets, homeless and literally sleeping outside, and UGM offered a place to stay. It’s better than not having a roof over your head, so that’s how I got here.” – Kevin Downey

We all need food. We all need protection from the elements. If we didn’t, the Union Gospel Mission wouldn’t exist in the first place. But those things in themselves are only a small part of the picture.

That’s what Kevin found out when he came to UGM for a meal and protection from the snow. Now, he’s an alumnus of the LIFE Recovery Program – and, as he says, “a whole different person.”

Here are three other needs – just as important as food and shelter – that he had met at the Union Gospel Mission.

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Celebrating Beauty from Pain

Posted by Merrily Brast, Staff Writer Jun 23, 2016 4:27:15 PM

The stories of the 33 men and women who graduated from UGM LIFE Recovery on Tuesday are diverse – addiction, unhealthy and broken relationships, depression.

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Loved and Understood

Posted by Clare Pursch Aug 25, 2015 4:30:00 PM

By Clare Pursch, UGM Camp Photographer/Blogger

Two stories, two people, different ages, different lives.

Same story, same pain, same struggles, brought together by the love of Jesus Christ.

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