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We Asked Homeless Men to Talk About Sin

Apr 27, 2022 9:45:56 AM

Sin. What is it and why would a homeless shelter insist on talking about it?

Sin is the divergence from the rules and order designed by God. Acknowledging the existence of sin implies a particular worldview—one in which God created the world and has authority over it. He has the right—the responsibility, even—to make the rules, and the rules He makes aren't arbitrary. They are meant to lead us into the fullest, richest lives possible.

Easter Series: What Does Sin Have to do with Homelessness?

Apr 1, 2021 1:43:36 PM

We asked homeless UGM Men's Shelter guests four hard questions about sin.

Easter Series: Sin Ruins Everything

Mar 25, 2021 1:19:06 PM

Sin. Talk about a conversation stopper. But without the discussion of sin, we cannot know how much we need a savior. Enjoy this edition of our Easter series.

Walking Away From Shame

Oct 15, 2020 2:50:25 PM

Where does shame come from and what can we do when we experience it?

2020 Vision: Bear One Another’s Burdens

Oct 8, 2020 8:25:07 AM

UGM Marketing Director Barb Comito answers why UGM shelters maintain a high barrier.

Sin's contribution to homelessness

Jul 29, 2014 9:34:00 AM

UGM Crisis Shelter Director explains the necessity of holding homeless people accountable.