The Incarnation: Our Salvation

Posted by ugminlandnorthwest Dec 18, 2015 10:39:11 AM

By Sonny Westbrook, UGM Ministries Director

We have come to the season of the year when many people, in some way or another, acknowledge the birth of our Lord Jesus into this world. We call it the Christmas season. For many people, the season is mostly about parties and buying gifts for friends or loved ones. But for us who really know Christ, our hearts are filled again with wonder and love and gratitude because of the significance His incarnation has for the whole human family, right down to each one of us alive today.

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A Heart for the Homeless

Posted by ugminlandnorthwest Jun 26, 2015 3:52:50 PM

Rich Schaus has completed 13 years of ministry at the Union Gospel Mission. He served approximately 5 years at Anna Ogden Hall before being appointed the Director of the Crisis Shelter for Women and Children when it opened in January of 2007.

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