April 2017

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

God’s Word in the Bible, and the wonderful hope of salvation it describes, is a cornerstone of the Union Gospel Mission. It is the lamp of truth by which we can see where we’re going.

For our guests, as for anyone else who decides to follow Jesus, the journey of faith is not generally smooth, comfortable, sunny, straight and obvious. We need a trustworthy lamp in order to navigate it safely.

Recovery residents Rex and Heather both came to faith in Jesus before coming to UGM. But neither of them could handle the problems in their lives, external and internal, without the ongoing help of God’s Word and His people. That’s why He brought them, even against their inclination, to UGM.

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Love & Power

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”*

We couldn’t agree more, but not the wimpy, conditional love the world has to offer – not love based on performance, celebrity, looks or birthright, not love that ebbs and flows based on feelings. The world needs the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, love with the power to turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, love with the power to erase shame and self-hatred, love with the power to bring a person into right relationship with his/her Creator, love with the power to turn enemies into sons and daughters.

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Crisis Shelter Update

In January, the Crisis Shelter for Women and Children celebrated its 10th anniversary, and thanks to many of you, they did it in a newer, much larger, better equipped location - 1515 E Illinois Ave.!

Charity and her children were a few of our first new guests at the new location. Charity's mom had been in recovery at the UGM Center in Coeur d'Alene and told Charity she needed to get help for her addiction. Charity was ready. She dropped everything and drove her three children to the new shelter, where they were able to have their own room, catch their breath and make a plan for the future. They have since transitioned to Women's Recovery at Anna Ogden Hall. Charity knows she's on the right path. She's eager to learn how to be a good mom and provide stability for her children.

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