July 2017

"I'm going to give my kids a different life. And I get to do that because I chose life over death." - Jocelyne

Addictions don’t cause homelessness.

You may question that statement if you’ve been around homeless shelters and seen the toll addictions take on people’s lives – destroying their bodies, stealing their resources, isolating them from loved ones.

But to get to the root causes of homelessness, UGM recovery counselors have learned to delve down to what’s hiding under the addiction.

Research shows a strong link between what are now called “adverse childhood experiences” – abuse, neglect, abandonment, domestic violence – and self-destructive behavior in adulthood.

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We are in the Heart Business

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” - Proverbs 4:23

The heart. What an important, complicated, mysterious thing. 

Physically, we know it’s the hardest-working muscle in the body, beating 100,000 times and pumping 2,500 gallons every single day – our lives depend upon its proper functioning.

Spiritually, the Bible uses the heart to indicate both the center of the emotions/the intellect/the personality and that which is hidden or inaccessible. It encompasses our connection with God, the spiritual, the unseen – the seat from which flow both love and trust. As is the case with the physical body, our spiritual lives depend upon its proper functioning.

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