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Ashes to Beauty

Dani 1

A poem by Dani, pictured above, one of the residents at the UGM Center for Women & Children in Coeur d'Alene

       (Listen to Dani read "Ashes to Beauty." Dani - Full Poem)

I’m the man on the street corner asking you for dimes.

I’m the teen going to prison for doing all those crimes.dani-thumb

I’m that housewife who lives next door, keeping my kids safe

     from the monster that I married who hits me in the face.

I’m that woman who walks the streets. I think love is found in men.

I always walk the streets at night. I do the best I can

To make a dollar with my looks. I’m all dolled up this way.

I think I’ve got them hooked tonight. Tomorrow’s another day.

I am the guy in the business suit. The money’s in the bank.

I’ve got the booze, the drugs, the life and just myself to thank.

I’m the one who tends the bar. I’m happy all the time.

At least, you seem to think that’s so because you cannot see inside.

And I’m the high society wife. Got clothes, the heels, the pool.

I live the life that seems so grand. My husband is the fool.

One thing we have in common. We all have broken souls.

We’re tired and beat. We are lost. We’re voids. We have a hole.

We look for things to fill it up, like men and drugs and booze.

Money and relationships. But, all in all, we lose.

Then we hear of Jesus Christ. You say that he is cool.

That he can fill that hole today and make us clean as wool.

You say he wants to be our friend, to love us, fill us up,

to wash our hearts and clean our minds? We’ve only to look up?

Ask him in to be our friend, to walk with him today,

to be our Lord, our everything, and life will be OK?

Well, better and better, day by day, just give Him all our stuff.

He’ll take all that we want to give. He wants more than just fluff.

He’s a gentleman with those He loves. He doesn’t push or shove or take.

He wants to take our ashes and throw them in the lake.

He will make us beautiful. He’ll clean us up inside.

He’ll take the ashes of our lives, then smile at us with pride.

He’s cleaned us up, made us complete. His spirit makes us whole.

He took our ashes all away and made us beautiful. 

By the way, today is Dani's birthday. Feel free to leave her a message or blessing in the comments section. We'll pass them along.

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