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LIFE at the Mission

Inside stories of hope, courage, and recovery

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Jim and Ken



5 min read

The Heart of Lifelong Recovery

By Mike Doggett, former Aftercare Manager -  A little over 21 years ago, I consumed my last drink of alcohol and went on what has proved to be a very...

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6 min read

It Won’t Be Different This Time

Editor’s note: Mike Doggett, UGM’s Aftercare Manager, addressed the recovery participants at a recent phase-up celebration in UGM Women’s Recovery....

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Rex Reishus found out his small church needed him as much as he needed it.

3 min read

Why Get Involved in a Church?

Many of those who come to UGM for help have no family, or their families are still stuck in brokenness and addiction. Years of scrambling to survive...

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Mike Doggett, UGM Aftercare manager, knows what his clients are going through because he is two decades into his own recovery.

4 min read

Long-Term Recovery: The Right Kind of Hungry

Having recently celebrated the 2018 LIFE Recovery Commencement, we know the story is just beginning for the honorees. Their time at UGM was a time of...

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1 min read

Not Alone

Editor's Note: This is the fourth post in our series on being Ambassadors for Christ.

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