Graduation Spotlight: Wendy Ross

Posted by Merrily Brast, Staff Writer Jun 2, 2016 3:52:38 PM

“I remember asking Rich [UGM former staff member], ‘Why is it so much easier for women to make a commitment to guys they hardly know than to make a two-year commitment to better their life?’”

Wendy described herself as a relationship addict before coming to UGM. She wanted more in life but settled for unhealthy relationships instead.She ended up at the UGM Crisis Shelter after her husband went to prison and heard about Women’s Recovery at Anna Ogden Hall: “I was like, I’ve been needing that place for 25 years. Oh my gosh, there’s such a place! I was dumbfounded.”

Wendy made the commitment to better her life and entered LIFE Recovery. “For the first time in my life, I had made the right decision for myself personally and spiritually.”

Nearly two years later, Wendy has finished the recovery program.

She came to the Mission addicted, jobless, and broke. But today, Wendy works at Providence  (she was hired after completing her business practicum there). She has aspirations to go back to school  and become a surgical technician – a dream her bosses support.wendy-sm.jpg

“When I was doing my practicum, the COO of the Providence Medical Group clinics set it up for me to shadow hand surgeries…when I did that, it was just eye-opening. It was so cool.”

Wendy has also made strides toward creating healthier relationships.

Her husband is still incarcerated, but that hasn’t stopped her from working toward a better marriage. “Going through this program, I’ve learned that I deserve more than where I was. I respect myself a lot more, and I’m learning protective boundaries.”

UPDATE, July 2018: Wendy graduated on June 21, 2016, and is now a leader in Celebrate Recovery at Victory Faith Fellowship. Way to go, Wendy!

Wendy's business practicum gave her experience and support. Your business can provide other men and women with job training and support, too, as a business partner!   

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