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Elizabeth: Under a Shadow

Sep 12, 2018 6:41:10 PM

I came to Anna Ogden Hall in May 2017, just so broken. I didn’t think I could get more broken. I was like no smile at all. I would cry all the time and triggers every five minutes. It was getting pretty ridiculous. I didn’t think this program was right for me at first. I would tell staff, “I don’t know. I think you got the wrong girl. I don’t have a substance addiction.”

My addiction was people pleasing. I became the queen of people pleasing, but even as I was pleasing and pleasing, it never felt good enough, and I was on this constant mission of trying to fix my family.

Serious Mental Illness: Four Things UGM Can Do

Mar 15, 2017 9:54:45 AM

“We can’t prescribe, we can’t diagnose. But we can walk with someone.” Here are four ways UGM helps guests who are dealing with severe mental illness.

My Personal Suicide Prevention Plan

Mar 9, 2017 4:48:05 PM

You or someone you know has had thoughts of suicide. Here's some encouragement and practical wisdom from someone who has been there.

I Have a Mental Illness

Mar 7, 2017 4:22:02 PM

Depression can affect a person regardless of circumstances. Here's a story that shows how this common mental illness goes beyond occasional sad feelings.

The Paralyzing Nature of Anxiety

Mar 2, 2017 9:56:00 AM

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the United States. In this post, Nora and Izzy talk about their personal struggles with anxiety.

Mental Illness: An Obstacle for the Homeless – and Many Others

Mar 1, 2017 8:33:00 AM

1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness. One in 25 (10 million) adults in America live with a serious mental illness.

Dealing Faithfully with the Winter Blues

Feb 21, 2017 4:59:16 PM

I cannot engineer serendipitous symbols of hope to lighten the dark winter days. But I can open my eyes and relish the frost on the twigs.

Trauma Recovery

Feb 14, 2017 3:43:24 PM

When Jesus brings Lazarus to life again, he directs the community to “unbind him” from his funeral wrappings. That's what trauma recovery looks like.

Combatting Sleeplessness

Feb 8, 2017 10:36:24 AM

Author and speaker Judy Palpant offers a helpful approach to nights when worry and stress prevent much-needed sleep.