21 Ways You Made Real Change Possible in 2021

Posted by Genevieve St. Martin, Staff Writer Jan 14, 2022 11:47:00 AM

1. You opened doors to gospel conversations which resulted in 35 baptisms, including Christina's. 


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2. You gave sacrificially, like Delaney who held a fundraiser for her fourth birthday!

Delaney dollars

3. You gave creatively, like Breast Intentions who provided free bras and bra fittings at the Crisis Shelter. 



4. You donated high quality clothes and shoes so that kids like Morty are well dressed

5. You gave abundantly from your gardens and farms. 

6. You delivered special dinners to delight guests and give kitchen staff a break. 

7. You shopped UGM Thrift Stores and helped make our two grand openings a success!

store inside

8. You welcomed your churches, schools and businesses to partner with the Mission.

9. You asked what was needed and humbly provided it whenever possible, like Farmer and Dave who took UGM Chef Dale shopping for the Men's Shelter kitchen.



10. You led your community in generosity through fundraisers like General Store's Round Up at the Register. 

11. You walked alongside men and women in Recovery through volunteer counseling and mentorships

12. You helped send hundreds of at-risk youth to UGM Camp. 

camp running

13. You provided cozy clothes, hats and scarves for the cold seasons. 

14. You showed up on World Homeless Day and prayed for your city. 

15. You volunteered behind the scenes, offering writing skills, administrative expertise and construction services.

16_FB16. You donated truckloads of quality products, including hygiene supplies and makeup. 

17. You offered your retired vehicles to support UGM program services. 

18. You showed up on holidays to serve meals and visit with those who are lonely.

19. You thought of UGM first when you had anything to give, like Kenny who brought a nice stroller straight to Anna Ogden Hall when his child outgrew it. 

20. You spread the news that real change is possible by sharing UGM stories, news and events with your friends and family. 


21. You made whole-person recovery possible for 214 men, women and children.  

You have been the hands and feet of Jesus. The 2020s are not proving to be easy years, but by God's grace, the work of Jesus in the hearts of men, women and children continues unabated. As we reflect on the last 12 months and launch into a whole new year, we stand in awe of all that God is doing through you. Thank you for being a friend to the lonely and a bearer of Good News to the lost and broken. May the grace and peace of Jesus our Savior be with you forever!

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