Three of God's Children



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The Only Number that Matters

Sometimes it’s tempting to define homelessness, and even this ministry, by the numbers: 1,295 people on the streets. 97,000 nights of shelter. 303,000 meals. 1,295 medical clinic appointments. 4,323 items of clothing. Numbers are important – they help to show the magnitude of the need as well as the impact you’re making – but sometimes numbers tend to blur the faces.

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Thank You, Safeco Foundation!

A man gets a haircut at Friday Night Outreach
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A Life-Giving Connection

A small group of women from the First Assembly of God Church in Spokane visits the Crisis Shelter twice a month to worship and pray with the women there. “Some of our team are typical church ladies,” said Mary Ann Dalessi, “and some of us are women with a past who’ve been reformed. We tried everything that was out there before we got to Christ. We see ourselves in these women. We can really relate.”

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A Reflection on Friday Night Outreach

by Vern Buller, UGM board member

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