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September 2016

Homeless - Human

Sep 16, 2016 2:15:00 PM

It’s easy to look at a homeless person and see only his or her homelessness – the weathered face, the cardboard sign, the worn clothes, the desperation. It’s easy to forget that, first and foremost, he or she is a human being, created in the image of God.

Take Action: Create A Better Crisis Shelter!

Jul 5, 2016 11:45:28 AM

For three years, UGM has been in a state of anticipation. We have watched the average number of guests grow to 87 per night. We need your help >

Meeting the Need: Heritage Health

Dec 1, 2015 10:30:02 AM

Heritage Health, a faithful partner to the Center’s medical clinic from day one, is now offering the specialized counseling services... Read More >

We are Thankful - To Those who Give Their Time

Nov 1, 2015 9:00:23 AM

UGM could not do what it does without volunteers. We are deeply grateful for the rich variety of talents they bring to the ministry... Read More >

Take Action: Crisis Shelter Teams

Feb 1, 2015 10:30:53 AM

UGM is building a league of teams to surround the Women’s Crisis Shelter as it seeks to meet the demand of homeless women and children... Learn More >

Church Connections: Coeur d'Alene Bible Church

Feb 1, 2015 10:20:34 AM

The pastor of CDA Bible Church took a few minutes to explain his church’s involvement with the UGM Center for Women and Children... Read the Story >

We Were Hungry

Nov 1, 2014 12:00:35 PM

Ron and Nadine eat at the Mission every day. Ron is homeless. Nadine has an apartment. Neither has a job.“I used to go rummage in garbage... Read More >

Painting with a Purpose

Sep 1, 2014 11:20:13 AM

Thursdays throughout the summer, women and volunteers from the Center restored and were painting pieces of donated furniture... Read More >

Afternoon of Hope 2014

Jul 1, 2014 11:40:21 AM

The Afternoon of Hope luncheon at the Center for Women & Children in Coeur d’Alene featured UGM and local government... Read More >

April 2014

We Were in Darkness

Apr 1, 2014 12:00:59 PM



Cream of the Crop Volunteer

Apr 1, 2014 11:56:06 AM

Last year, Autymn was a volunteer who did crafts with the children at the Crisis Shelter over the Christmas holidays. READ MORE >