Church Feature: Linking Arms with North Church

Posted by Genevieve St. Martin, Staff Writer Mar 31, 2021 2:13:23 PM

Pastor Olyvia Babinski says, “At North Church, we choose to support people already doing the work, instead of us trying to start up all these little independent ministries. And UGM is an anchor in this city. They’ve been doing it [serving the homeless] forever and doing it really well.”

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Babinski says that North Church appreciates that UGM educates the public through tours and volunteer opportunities. This creates, not only a task force at the Mission, but a community that is equipped for everyday encounters. “That’s really what we are,” Babinski says. “We are an equipping church. It’s our job to equip the saints.” In addition to financial support, North Church sends out groups to serve at UGM Shelters, and many of those individuals have gone on to become volunteers (or even employees!) with UGM.

As part of their equipping ministry, North Church has also partnered with World Relief, Evergreen School, Life Services, Project ID, and Serve Spokane. Linking arms with organizations like North Church helps us build a strong and supportive community for everyone.


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