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7 Reasons to Donate Your Vehicle to UGM Motors

1) You invest in renewed lives.

When you donate a vehicle to UGM, all proceeds from the sale go directly toward improving lives in your community.

Union Gospel Mission Motors gives away one to two vehicles per month through the Vehicle Assistance Program. Recipients are UGM program residents who have been recommended by a staff member. 

For many people, the gift of a reliable car bridges the gap between being able to work and being successful at work, long-term.

Christina-MotorsChristina, a single mother of two, completed the Women’s Recovery program at Anna Ogden Hall and did her business practicum at UGM Motors in the detail department. When her practicum ended and she found a full-time job out near Colbert, Christina realized she would no longer be able to take the bus to work. And she didn't have a car. Her mentor, Katie, recommended her to the Vehicle Assistance Program, and they were able to award her a vehicle in time for her first day of work. Because of this gift, Christina has not only been able to maintain steady employment and provide stability for her children, but she has found lasting satisfaction in her new career. 

UGM Motors is blessed three times over: a) Donors selflessly give; b) Buyers invest in restored vehicles; and ultimately, c) Lives are transformed.


2) You provide shelter and meals for the homeless.

All proceeds support homeless services.

A vehicle sold at $2,000 profit provides one month of food and shelter for five shelter residents. In 2019 alone, UGM provided 112,513 nights of safe shelter and 294,316 meals, as well as 3,034 medical visits for hundreds of homeless and hurting people. In addition, 44 men, 129 women and 80 children participated in long-term recovery programs. All with 0% government funding.

Man eating dinnerWhen you choose to make a donation to Union Gospel Mission, you are making life-changing services available to the underserved populations in your own backyard.


3) You create jobs.

UGM Motors provides training opportunities for people in transition.

Last year, a total of 246 UGM residents found employment. Many of those were through UGM’s Employment Ready and Recovery programs. Your donations helped provide 12,607 hours of job training at UGM Motors and UGM Thrift Stores combined.

Phil R-Motors

Phillip completed the Recovery program last summer and now works at UGM Motors.

“When I started working here, I just fit right in. People were just like, ‘Hey, come on in here. We know where you’re coming from. And it’s what we’re here for. We're here for people like you.’ If I were to go work somewhere else, I would have to explain all this stuff: ‘Hey, I’m in recovery, and you guys need to watch for this, and I need to make sure I'm not isolating or whatever it might be.’ But here, it’s like they’re already there. They’re already up to speed.”

No matter where he works, Phillip says he doesn’t want to take those relationships for granted. He knows his time with UGM is only the beginning of a lifelong pursuit.


4) You build integrity.

“Before we even open our doors every morning, we have a time of devotions.” —Jim Stroh, General Manager at UGM Motors.

Union Gospel Mission strives for integrity in all that we do. From the admin offices, to the thrift stores, to the shelters and beyond, UGM aims to keep the love and transformational grace of Jesus Christ central. At Motors, this means that everyone from the management team, to the shop team and sales floor—and ultimately you, the donor—have the opportunity to serve our city in unity. And this starts by building healthy relationships.

Brian-shopJim Stroh, General Manager, embodies that opportunity. "When I came to Motors 13 years ago, it was a critical turning point in my relationship with the Lord. I have been completely blessed because we have always been encouraged to grow in our relationship with the Lord. The programs UGM offers, even as staff, have helped me in my life—family life, personal life, my ability to be a leader. On the flip side of that, to see the impact of what we do through the men and women coming through this facility motivates me to be here."

When you donate your used vehicle for the betterment of others, you say “yes” to unity.


5) You supply customers with unique options.

Our car lot is colorful, diverse and constantly changing.

The lot at UGM Motors continually provides unique and hard-to-find vehicles for a wide range of shoppers.

Spencers Studebaker

Spencer was very specific in his search for a 1957 Studebaker Champion. But the only ones he could find were either fully restored and out of his price range, or too old and rusted out. Until he discovered one sitting in UGM’s showroom that seemed to have “his name on it.” It was the right car at the right price, made possible by a generous donation and a little elbow grease.

Similarly, Randy found the car he’d dreamed of owning since he was six-years-old! A 1994 Mazda RX-7. “Dimitri in the shop had it running like a top. I couldn’t, nor would I have, gotten the experience I did anywhere else! I have a wicked car, building credit, and I have the awesome team at UGM to thank!”

Well over 100 cars are donated to Union Gospel Mission Motors every month, and no two are the same—not even remotely. But the team thrives on the constantly changing dynamic between unique cars, unique customers and totally unique situations.

UGM Motors lot

6) You make the most of what you have.

Your donated vehicle will not go to waste.

Similar to donating your unused clothes or outdated mixer to the UGM Thrift Stores, when you donate your older vehicle, you’re making sure its value is maximized. As stewards of our planet, we can take joy in limiting our waste and making the very most out of whatever provisions we’ve accrued—even when those provisions are replaced with newer, better ones.

couple car donationAt UGM Motors you can be sure every effort is being taken to extend the life of your car as far as possible. Our ASE-certified technicians make all necessary repairs to ensure your donated vehicle is ready for its new driver. And you will benefit directly from the quality of those repairs. Since Union Gospel Mission is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, you receive a tax deduction for your donation. Your deduction will be the actual sales price of the vehicle instead of its value at the time of donation. (When the work required to make a vehicle ready for sale exceeds its value, the vehicle may be scrapped.)

7) You give your old car a new life.

The men and women at UGM Motors have a passion for restoring used vehicles.

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Jim loves them just about as much as he loves his customers. “I love people, but a big part of that is how much I love cars." He and his team take enormous joy in receiving well-loved vehicles that may drive a little rough and cleaning them up, inside and out.

UGM Motors-Impala

One example is this beautiful 2012 Chevrolet Impala that came in recently in good shape cosmetically but needing a new motor. The team at Motors was thrilled to get to bring such a handsome vehicle back to life and are looking forward to meeting its future owner.


Have a car that’s just sitting around taking up space? Click on the link below to find out more about donating it to UGM.


Donate Your Vehicle. Click here to start. >






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