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Contributing Members of Society

Since the implementation of the new grace-based recovery model at the Union Gospel Mission, 74% of graduates remain actively engaged in ongoing recovery. Below is a glimpse into the lives of just a few of these God-dependent, contributing members of society.



Kimmi Halbrook
>2011 Graduate
>Completed 1-year internship in UGM Food Services department
>Currently enrolled in UGM Food Services Training School
>Part-time resident advisor at Anna Ogden Hall
>Scheduled to regain custody of her two daughters – Elisabeth, 12, and Vicktoria, 8, in September
>Clean and sober for 3 years
>Runs an NA (chemical dependency) group at Mt. Spokane Church
>Volunteers with Celebrate Recovery and Stepping Out (Family of Faith’s ministry to those still living on the streets)
“I’m learning to love others as God loves me. If seeing what God has done in my life brings them to Christ, that’s the example I want to be.”



Tom Milne
>2010 Graduate
>Completed 1-year internship at UGM Thrift Store
>Clean and sober for 5 years
>Employed full-time as a driver with the freight company H & H Express for 18 months
>Serves as the designated driver at company Christmas party

 “I saw this license plate that said ‘luvmyjob.’ I want that license plate so I can put it on the back of my truck. I love my job.”



Durena Seamster-Sharp
>2008 Graduate
>Married for 4 years
>Owned her own daycare for 3 years
>After discovering how much she loved working with children, she headed back to school to become a teacher.
>Member of Eastpoint Church
>She and her husband are mentors to another former graduate, Michael Morrison (2011).
 “It’s neat to see someone under your wing who went through the same program have success. It’s an honor and a privilege to watch him grow.”


Cheryl Moore
>2008 Graduate
>Graduated with an AA degree in chemical dependency counseling
>Works for American Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
>Attending Whitworth University
>Clean and sober for 7 years
>Healthy single lifestyle

“There’s this phenomenon among addicts when they go to treatment, they want to know the person they’re talking to understands where they’ve been, so I share with them that I’m in recovery, and it gives me credibility. . . Plus, it helps me to not be judgmental. When I see people and they’re acting out and doing all these things, I know they have a broken heart.”



Pamela Jo Moon
>2009 Graduate
>Completed 1-year internship at the UGM Thrift Store
>Graduated with an AA degree in chemical dependency counseling
>Works for American Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
>Restored relationships with children and family
>Volunteers cutting hair at UGM’s Friday Night Outreach and Truth Ministries
>Volunteers as part of the security team at Celebrate Recovery on Monday nights
>Part of a weekly women’s Bible study
“I have a lot of love in my heart. I just didn’t know how to express it with all the wounds. It feels good to give back. . . (When I cut hair), I’m talking to them and showing them love and laughing, and even though it’s a short time, it can do a lot of good.”



Steven Howard
2009 Graduate>
Went to welding school; completed 160 hours to receive certification>
Employed for 4 years at Folsom Mfg. as a welder/fabricator>
Clean and sober for 4 years>
Granted joint custody of his son>
Married for 2 years to Leala; father to her girls, Sendal and Aryauna>
Restored relationship with parents and grandparents>
Attends Valley Assembly Church where he serves as an usher and attends discipleship class>
Same bi-weekly accountability group for 3 years>
Volunteers as part of the security team at Celebrate Recovery on Monday nights>

“My whole addiction, it was all about me all the time, so now I take myself out of the picture and think how can I put others ahead of myself? The Mission had open arms when I was homeless, jobless, a drug addict, and they showed me the love of Christ. I’m trying to give back by doing the same for others.”



Sean Stevens
>2011 Graduate
>Works as the donation driver at UGM Thrift Store
>Children’s ministry leader at Covenant Spokane Church
>Helped honor World War II veterans in the Armed Forces Torch Light Parade
>Clean and sober for 4 years
>Volunteers at UGM’s Friday Night Outreach
“One of the big things the program team stressed was to get in a local church. I listened. And the church accepted me right away. Even though they knew where I came from, they were just like, Come on, let’s go do something together. . . Let’s go hang out and talk and the pastors are still that way with me.”

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