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Jim and Ken



3 min read

Who Are the Poor?

This is the third part of a series by UGM Marketing Director Barbara Comito. So far in this series, we’ve pretty well established that God does...

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LOVE word_462-1

5 min read

What Does it Mean to Love the Poor?

In her last post, Barbara revisited what the Bible says about God's instruction for us to "love the poor." Here, she digs deeper into what that...

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4 min read

Does God Call You to Love the Poor?

Editor's note: This is Part 1 in a three-part series about loving the poor. Part 2 explores the meaning of the word "love"in this context, and Part 3...

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1 min read

Hunger Busters

Every year, the South Hill Bible Church youth group puts a creative twist on UGM’s food drive – to great effect! On October 31st, rather than donning...

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1 min read

UGM Volunteers Rock!

We wanted to give all our volunteers one giant collective hug, but we settled for a party. Here are just two of the amazing people who give so...

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