Passionately Serving the Most Vulnerable

Posted by Union Gospel Mission Sep 1, 2015 5:34:05 PM

Randy Altmeyer has worked at UGM for 30 years, serving in various positions, and he and his family have played an integral role at the Mission. He is passionate about helping those in need, and is transitioning out of ministry at UGM to embark on a different journey helping the most vulnerable in our community.

Randy recently shared about some of his experiences at the Mission and about his passion and vision for what is next for he and his family. Here is part 2 of our recent interview with him.   

UGM: What's one of your most moving experiences at UGM?

Randy: I love to see people get baptized. When I see 30, 40 people get baptized, that's pretty moving to have them get up and make a stand for that. Also, because I've been here so long and I've met a lot of guys, when they're doing well, they want to tell me. They got a job, and they want to come and tell me. When they're doing well and they've been sober, they want to come and tell me. I just get to rejoice with them. Randy23

UGM: Can you talk about your wife Shelley's role at the Mission?

Randy: That's a good question and she has a great role. Shelley is by nature a great listener, and there's two things that have happened here. The guys desire to talk to females, and we don't have that many healthy females that can talk to them when they're around. What Shelley does and she's good at is meeting the men [at the Mission] and she has a real knack at picking out people that need someone to talk to.

The guys used to tell me years ago, “You’re the tough guy around here, but who we're scared of is your wife, because when we see her talking to somebody and he's crying in the corner that scares us to death.” Well because she listens, they open up; because she listens, she probably leads more people to the Lord around here than anybody else. Her strength is also in that [wheelchair] because if you come in you're not gonna share everything with me, you're gonna get to know me a little bit. Well, when Shelley goes up to somebody in her chair and starts listening to them, they'll take one look at her and go, this gal's been through it. Down here she gets a lot of fulfillment because the guys really accept her for who she is and she really feels that she can put something into their life. She's had a profound effect down here and the guys just love her. paul-staley-shelley-1

UGM: What's next?

Randy: I'll be going to work with my boy. We have a ministry called “HRC” which stands for “help reach our community.” It's three generations because it stands for my father Harry, me, Randy, and my son Caleb. And because I have always kind of had a passion for younger people, I want to see the next generation go places I didn't go. I want to take what I have and pour it into the next generation. Plus, I want to see some girls get healed of their wounds from sex trafficking. If you want to follow me and my family, just go to Follow us, see what we're doing, and keep in touch. 

UGM: Have there been times at UGM when your passions for human trafficking and helping those in need have met?

Randy: A lot of the people who come through here have been abused. The stats are 1 in 4 girls before 18, 1 in 8 boys. That's what got me moving in that arena because people come in and they tell you their story. When they come and they tell me their story, when I see certain people that are [hurting from human trafficking], I'm wired so that sparks me a little bit, and I tend to want to aid in that quicker than something else because it just does something within me.

UGM: What will your role be at HRC Ministries?

Randy: Okay, we have three different ministries [outreach, empowering young people, and anti-human trafficking]. I’m coming behind Caleb and working with him. Caleb wants to work in the arena of helping people get involved in their community, like young people going witnessing on the street, going doing projects for people. I'm in anti-human trafficking. I think the real heart of what we're about, including with human trafficking, is getting out into the community.Randy26

UGM: How can people pray for and encourage you on this new adventure?

Randy: Well, as human trafficking gets worse, hopefully they'll remember what we do and pray for us. By keeping in touch and knowing what we're doing it helps people pray for us. If you want to know more about what we’re doing, we'd love to get in touch with you. If you want to hear more about our ministry, you want to support us, etc., check out our website, because we'd love to stay in touch with you. 

You too can make an impact on the most vulnerable in our community. Use your talents at UGM. 

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