Two Hearts Full of Gratitude

Posted by Union Gospel Mission Apr 17, 2015 3:12:30 PM

The following two letters are from women staying at the UGM Crisis Shelter for Women and Children.

This first letter expresses gratitude toward all who give to the Shelter and make it possible. 

Women standing in line at shelter

My name is Tracy Russell.

For now, I live in the UGM Crisis Shelter for Women. I came from San Diego, and God has brought me here.

I just wanted to say a very special “Thank you” to all the men, women, and families that have donated their money, time, food, clothing and other items.

So, you know God truly watches over this place. His Spirit is so powerful here.

I found out today that I lost my grandmother. She went to see Jesus two days ago, and the love and support I have received from staff and my sisters here is really incredible. I feel all the women here are my sisters (in Christ) and love them all. I see the Holy Spirit in so many women.

When a lot of women first come in, they are scared and unsure, sad, confused and don’t want to be here. What a transformation a few days can make in a woman’s life when she has women gathered around her as sisters. The women here get really close, and when one leaves, there are always tears of sadness and joy. Our different reasons for being here always seem to help one another. We are all so broken when we arrive. God changes that to hope and encouragement and a new look on life. 


At the beginning of the year, the UGM Women's Auxiliary provided funding for 30 bus passes to help the ladies get to and from work. This second letter is from a gal, thankful for having received one of these bus passes.

Handwritten letter by ChristinaTo my Brother/Sister in Christ Jesus,

My name is Christina Kowalski, and I just recently received a job at Pine Ridge Alzheimer's Special Care Center. As a caregiver, I assist the residents with their ADL (Activities of Daily Living)—bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, transferring and mobility, while treating each resident as an individual and recognizing and honoring each resident’s unique life story with dignity and respect.

I currently live at the UGM Crisis Shelter for Women and Children and will have to ride the bus to and from work. I asked the staff about bus fare, and they said to bring a letter in from my employer and a 30-day bus pass would be provided. I got the letter to him, and a bus pass was donated, which put my mind at ease. I don’t need to stress on getting to work. I’m very grateful for the pass, what a Godsend, and for the ones that donated. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! When I pray and God provides, it leaves me awestruck and gives me joy in my life. God bless you so much.

Your Sister in Christ Jesus,

Christina Kowalski

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