December 2016

One of the most beautiful extensions of personal healing and recovery is the reunification and restoration of families. Moms get their children back. Children get their moms back.


Addiction creates chaos and instability and affects a mother’s ability to parent. Addicts live in survival mode, often oblivious to their children’s needs and ill-equipped to meet those needs. Children end up neglected, abused or separated from their families of origin.

Elizabeth, a resident in UGM Recovery, explained the dilemma she experienced trying to be a mom to her daughter, Celine, while in her addiction:

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Heart to Heart: Giving Good Gifts

We talk a lot in Christian circles about the commercialization of Christmas and the damage it has done. You’ll get no argument from me on the subject. Christmas decorations go up at the same time as pumpkins these days; it’s one big hodgepodge of fake spider webs, hayrides, turkeys and reindeer.

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Take Action: Gift Cards

UGM residents express deep appreciation for what they are given every single day. But there’s something particularly special about being given the freedom to shop for yourself or your child, to choose a particular coffee, a certain book, a great-fitting pair of pants. Gift cards make perfect presents for our residents for exactly that reason.

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Legacy Partner: Geraldine Fait

Geraldine Fait’s connection to UGM goes all the way back to the Mission’s earliest days. Her husband, Fred, was a policeman assigned to the “skid row” beat back in the 1940s and 50s when Spokane’s downtown corridor was in decline. Men sleeping in doorways and cardboard boxes was a common occurrence. Officer Fait often transported these men to the Mission where he knew they could get a meal, warm clothes and a safe night’s sleep. He found other ways to help, as well, and frequently shared their stories with Geraldine. “He always talked about the Mission and knew it was the place for the men he had and trusted that they would be taken care of.”

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Business Partner: Bob McConkey

Bob McConkey, owner of DAA Northwest and McConkey Auction Group, isn’t afraid to mix business and faith. “We’re not shy about our faith. We recognize that to whom much is given, much is demanded. Christ says that very specifically. Not only to us, but our customers. We’re all very fortunate, and we know the concept of giving back is biblical and that they should be aware of it.”

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