January 2021

Twenty Twenty

Jan 8, 2021 12:59:16 PM


Our mission stays the same – even in times of crisis.


Twenty. Twenty. The words are destined to become a meme where disaster upon disaster strikes, and the hero gets back on his feet only to be hit by another unexpected turn of events. But, thank the Lord, you were a steadfast friend through it all.

January 2020

The Power of a Generous Community

Jan 9, 2020 1:05:06 PM

The Union Gospel Mission exists because of an extensive community of people like you.

People who recognize that they have been blessed and want to give back.

People who take seriously God’s command to love the poor.

People who share a belief in the value of hard work and recognize that recovery, getting your life back on track, is hard work.

People who believe a community that cares for the hurting is a better community for all.

Business Partners: Caramel Kitchen

Nov 13, 2019 8:49:00 AM

Brad and Stephanie Hunter own Caramel Kitchen. As business partners with UGM, they're helping single moms get back to work to support their families.

Everyone Has Something to Offer

Jun 11, 2019 1:35:28 PM

PTA Performance, a center for physical therapy, training and sports skill development, partners with UGM to provide job training for business practicum participants.

Business Partner: Bob McConkey

Dec 1, 2016 9:20:55 AM

Bob McConkey, owner of DAA Northwest and McConkey Auction Group, isn’t afraid to mix business and faith. “We’re not shy about our faith... Read More >

July 2016

Surviving vs. Thriving

Jul 5, 2016 12:00:08 PM

Through partnerships with businesses and the community in general, UGM helps men and women find jobs, jobs that allow them to support themselves, contribute to society and, as much as possible, tap into their gifts and passions. Residents begin to see that work is less about just getting by and more about making a meaningful contribution.

Business Partnerships

Apr 1, 2015 11:40:09 AM

Omega Pacific, and Rockwood Retirement Communities are changing lives. Learn how they've partnered with UGM to make a difference >

Partnering with the Community to Feed the Hungry

Nov 1, 2014 11:40:24 AM

There’s no way we could serve over 360,000 meals per year at under $2 per meal without the help of our partners. It truly takes a community... Read More >

More than Soup

Dec 1, 2013 10:57:19 AM

The Union Gospel Mission is currently serving an average of 1,000 meals per day, and if you’ve ever visited, you know we’re talking more than soup.

Business Practicum: Hospitality

Sep 1, 2013 11:55:42 AM

As part of her recovery, Dionne Varney needed to find a new career. Before coming to Anna Ogden Hall, she spent 14 years in the adult entertainment industry

Dedication of the UGM Center for Women & Children in CDA

Sep 1, 2012 12:00:20 PM

Dedication of the UGM Center for Women & Children in CDA