Notes of Thanks and Amazement

Posted by Union Gospel Mission Jan 1, 2014 10:56:19 AM

Below are two letters of gratitude from individuals experiencing radical life change through UGM’s LIFE Recovery programs. We were encouraged to read them and thought you would be, too. 

Rowdy - Life Recovery ProgramDear UGM staff, volunteers and donors:

I just wanted to take the time to formally thank all of you for the amazing work God has called you to do. I came to UGM a complete wreck. I had experienced God’s mercy before I arrived here but still didn’t have a clue as what to do with it. It is truly amazing to walk into an environment where people love you before they even meet you! In the time I have been here, I have learned so much about who I am, who I was and who I want to be. I am a four–time felon with 10 years of incarceration under my belt. I’m proud to say that through all of the love and support of UGM staff and a little hard work from myself and determination, I start college at Spokane Falls Community College in January to pursue a career in counseling! I have a steady relationship with my children and am working diligently on restoring what I certainly destroyed. I cannot stress enough how truly thankful I am for all that you do!

God bless each and every one of you!



Pastor Shane,

Chantell - Life Recovery Program

I have to share my news with you. Please share it with the church because God is faithfully moving mountains in my life.

I had an interview two weeks ago – I think I told you about that. I met with some great ladies who do emergency services planning for Kootenai County and the surrounding area. The interview went well, and they seemed excited to help with the employment practicum.

I was given a 20-page volunteer application and asked to fill it out and return it to the sheriff’s department as they are the employer for this practicum/internship. I actually put the application off for about a week because there were 3 pages where it listed specific things that disqualified me from employment. I was supposed to read the list, then sign with a notary pledging I didn't do those things. I obviously couldn't sign because, with the exception of two things, I had done EVERYTHING on the lists. Further into the application, I had to admit in detail to everything bad I had ever done in my whole life, including crimes I had committed that the police didn't even know about. In my head, I was questioning if it was a possible setup that could be used against me, maybe even send me to prison. Anyway, I took the application to the sheriff and have been patiently waiting for the NO WAY! Is this a joke? Or for the cops to arrest me.

On a personal note...That application triggered something deep inside of me that I've been processing these last two weeks. It showed me in black and white the old me, the me that died when I accepted Jesus into my heart and asked for his forgiveness. What a painful experience. I realized I needed to grieve the death of that person because that is not who I am today. I never knew that would come up, but writing my old life out in black and white without being able to explain the changes I’ve made showed me that I needed to forgive myself still and accept the gift Jesus gave me when he died on the cross. I'm still working hard on this today.

The point I'm getting at is – I got the job. God moved the mountains. God spoke to the heart of the people. God opened the door. God make the impossible possible for me. I didn't deserve it, but He did it. I sometimes feel like I'm a little baby and that the things that come up aren't all that important to other people. I feel an urgency to share these miracles because I can't grasp the power, the love, the blessings.  Sometimes when I think about all that I just cry because the Lord is so good.

Thanks for listening!! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!


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