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Jim and Ken

back to work

4 min read

Reselling Goods, Rebuilding Lives: UGM Thrift Stores offer life change

Whether you’re outfitting a new college dorm or stocking up on cozy sweaters, if you’re shopping at a thrift store, chances are you’re after a good...

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3 min read

What is a UGM Business Practicum?

At Union Gospel Mission, we want more for our neighbors experiencing homelessness than just a job, free meals, or temporary respite from extreme...

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5 min read

UGM Careers: How Nick and Kristen Became Part of the UGM Family

For years now, we’ve signed our emails from “The UGM Family.” But what do we mean by that? Who is in this family, and how does an organization with a...

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2 min read

How UGM Does On-the-Job Training

Work is a huge piece of recovery. Just participating in constructive activities in a team is a valuable growth opportunity, especially for people who...

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9 min read

No Gray Areas: Inside the Payroll Office

Anne Graves’ working world is black and white. Well, not in the sense that she doesn’t enjoy color – her wardrobe suggests quite the opposite. But...

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3 min read

Surviving vs. Thriving

Through partnerships with businesses and the community in general, UGM helps men and women find jobs, jobs that allow them to support themselves,...

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