Rachel - Not a Party Girl

IN HER PURSUIT OF PLEASURE, Rachel lost her joy.

Disillusioned with the church, she ran away from God and became disconnected from family.

“In the back of my mind, I cared about family, but I had such a negative view on what being a Christian was, I didn’t want to hear about how I needed to come to God.

“I backed away from trying to have a relationship because I knew I was doing things [my family] didn’t approve of. I cut myself off from them. I wouldn’t return their phone calls… I didn’t want to answer the questions they had for me, like about drinking or partying or about a relationship with God…I was too ashamed of myself.”

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The Root of Our Joy

This sentence from the cover story struck me: “The day after Rachel was baptized, she received news that her father’s cancer had returned for the fourth time.” In other words, the day after she publicly proclaimed her new life in Christ, Rachel found out her father was dying.

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Take Action: Gift Cards

For the men, women, and children staying at our shelters, the holidays can be difficult. Christmas serves as a reminder of what they lack – a home, a tree, presents, disposable income.

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Meeting the Need: Heritage Health

While the Union Gospel Mission has been providing childcare since it opened Anna Ogden Hall back in 1971, the majority of energy and resources have been directed at healing and recovery for the moms in our shelters, believing that giving a child a healthy parent would be the best gift we could give. In recent years, however, the extent of emotional damage in the children coming into our shelters has come to the forefront, and leadership in Women’s Recovery have been searching for ways to meet that need.

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Church Partner: Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer Church has been a long-time and faithful supporter of the Union Gospel Mission. Feeling called to reach its neighborhood, West Central, and beyond, Christ the Redeemer has partnered with UGM to bring kids to camp and care for the women and children at Anna Ogden Hall.

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