Surviving vs. Thriving

Through partnerships with businesses and the community in general, UGM helps men and women find jobs, jobs that allow them to support themselves, contribute to society and, as much as possible, tap into their gifts and passions. Residents begin to see that work is less about just getting by and more about making a meaningful contribution.

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Meaningful Work

“The best social program is a job.”

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Take Action: Create A Better Crisis Shelter!

For three years, UGM has been in a state of anticipation. Praying. Hoping. Waiting. We have watched the average number of guests at the Crisis Shelter for Women and Children grow from 42 per night when it opened to 84 in 2015. The old 1950’s motel was not built to meet such demand.

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Imparting Skills and Confidence

As a volunteer job coach at the Men’s Shelter, Randy Crews recognizes the importance of building confidence and preparing men to re-enter the workforce.

What do you do as a job coach?

My job is to train, mentor, and help build skills and confidence in these men so they can successfully go out and become re-employed.

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Providing an Unforgettable Experience

UGM Camp is up and running for the summer, and each week is an opportunity to show at-risk youth the unconditional love of Christ!

The days are jam packed as kids explore the outdoors, make new friends, meet caring adults, and simply get to be kids.

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