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The Best Camp in the Solar System

"UGM Camp is the best camp in the solar system!" Alanna, UGM Camper

The 2022 camp season is in full swing, and we just can't wait another day to share some messages the kids have written directly to you. Meet some of the children your sponsorships are blessing this year.

“Thank you very much to this person who paid for my food, my cabin, my friends that came, too! ...UGM Camp is the best camp in the solar system!” Alanna, UGM Camper

“Thank you for donating to UGM. I‘ve had a lot of fun spending time here at camp. So thank you... You made this week possible.” Isabella, UGM Camper “P.S. You are such nice people.”

“What I loved most is that I made new friends, tried new things, and I also hung out with some of my best friends from school. And I want to thank all the people who made this possible! - Alliah, UGM Camper


“I met a bunch of strangers and in 1 week we turned into an awesome team who is there for each other. Thank you so much for giving me and so many other kids this amazing opportunity!” Angel, UGM Camper

“I really liked canoeing and floating. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to come back. It was so fun. We loved it so much. Thank you for helping on this trip. God thanks you. Thank you so much.” Ariana, UGM Camper

“My favorite thing about Camp was meeting new people and night games. Thank you for letting us come here for free.” Ava, UGM Camper

“[I loved] getting to go in the river and have a lot of fun. And getting to know Jesus more.” Violet, UGM Camper


“What I loved about UGM Camp this week was... hanging out with the cabin leaders and the float, also archery. I can't wait to go again next year. It is always so fun every year. Thank you for letting us camp here! I also really like learning about God and the Bible. I liked chapel too!” Bentley, UGM Camper

“What I loved about UGM Camp this week was... every single thing!!!!!!!!!!” Zander, UGM CamperIMG_2131

“My favorite thing about Camp was going to the waterfront and Logan being my cabin leader.” Anonymous UGM Camper

“I would go back in time to go to this camp.” Riley, UGM Camper

“If I had a choice to come back, I would say yes!!! I come here every year I can. Next year is my last year here, then I can be on work crew, and 1 year on work crew then I get to be a cabin leader.” Madison, UGM Camper

“EVERYTHING is awesome.” Anonymous UGM Camper


“I am so thankful that you were so amazing at UGM Camp. You have inspired me with your joy and your words. Thank you for all your kindness.” Raven, UGM Camper

“What I loved about camp this week was the fact that is was weird, it was chaotic, but most importantly it was fun.” Anonymous UGM Camper

Thank you for sponsoring me. I liked gaga ball and I liked the chapel.” Nathan, UGM Camper

“...that I met new people and made new friends. And our leaders helped us go through our rough times, and I loved everyone in UGM Camp. Everyone was nice—fun, beautiful, awesome people. Thank you for this opportunity.” Isabella, UGM Camper


“I loved UGM Camp. They make me feel at home. I loved meeting people who care. I like to learn about God.” Mya, UGM Camper


“I really enjoyed the slip 'n' slide and the river float. The food was good. I really enjoyed chapel, and I learned how to believe in God. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to come.” Milliona, UGM Camper

“Thank you so much for making it possible for me to come.”

We need sponsors every summer. Between 400 and 500 at-risk children from Spokane's low-income neighborhoods—invited by their local churches—come each year for a week of connection and relaxation. Consider planning ahead for next summer's kids, or contribute now to help cover costs of the last few weeks. Without our generous community, none of these precious children would have been reached. Praise God! And thank you! 

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