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Jim and Ken

World Homeless Day

3 min read

World Homeless Day 2023

Every year on October 10, there’s a chance to stop and reflect on the needs and struggles of our hurting community. To recognize that there are...

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1 min read

Whatever You Do, Don't Give Up: A message from UGM shelter guests

If you’ve never experienced homelessness, abuse, or addiction or walked closely alongside someone facing those challenges, chances are you're never...

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Phillip Reese

6 min read

What Homeless People Want You to Know

Editor's note: For World Homeless Day, 10.10.18, we’re turning the keyboard over to a few of our current and former residents. Who better to explain...

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After 15 years of off-and-on homelessness, Marcus is getting help with managing his depression without using drugs.

5 min read

Why World Homeless Day?

You might be asking: Why is UGM making such a big deal of World Homeless Day? How does a day devoted to homelessness really help anything? Actually,...

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