From Excel to Ezekiel: recovery for the whole person

Posted by Union Gospel Mission May 9, 2014 1:31:48 PM

Marsha ReeseBy Marsha Reese

Voc/Ed Coordinator at the UGM Center for Women & Children

The other day I was completing some paperwork in my office while a group of recovery residents were in the adjacent computer classroom taking an Excel class conducted by one of our awesome volunteers.

My office door swung open, and one of the women stuck her head inside, asking if I was available to chat for a moment.  She looked absolutely pale and miserable; so I quickly said, “Sure.”

This young woman had been struggling with health concerns for a few weeks, and she certainly looked like she wasn’t feeling well on this particular day. 

Women in Computer Lab

With a terrible look on her face, she began to state her case.  “Marsha, you know I’ve missed a few of these Excel classes.  I just can’t keep up and I don’t feel well and I’m so frustrated and …” She continued rambling on and on.  It was as if, with more and more words tumbling out faster and faster, I would be more likely to agree with her. She looked much relieved when I concurred that it would be better to link her with an individual tutor than to make her continue in the regular class.

Suddenly, the sun seemed to come out from behind the gloom of her emotions, and she excitedly asked me, “Did you know that I got a study Bible?”

I couldn’t believe the transformation in this young lady as she began to share her delight at opening the Word of God and exploring the depths of the book of Ezekiel, of all places!

“Did you know about the wheels within the wheels and the pictures of heaven?” This time the words that tumbled out were words of amazement and joy and newfound faith.

Listening with one ear, my eyes glistening with tears, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we had done our job. You see, this young woman will have many opportunities to learn Excel, but on this day she was caught up in the love of God’s Word in the book of Ezekiel.


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