God's Heart/Your Hands

Jul 2, 2013 4:47:08 PM

On May 31, UGM held a special Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Lincoln Center. While the primary purpose was to say thanks...

July 2013

Starla: Ashes to Beauty

Jul 1, 2013 4:55:00 PM

Out of the Ashes

Jul 1, 2013 12:07:00 PM

In a physical sense, ashes are what’s left over after something has been consumed by fire... Bringing something back from the ashes takes a miracle.

Daughters of the King

Jul 1, 2013 12:06:53 PM

Debi Pauletto teaches a class on the beauty of being a woman through etiquette, modesty and table manners and unveils the woman described in Proverbs 31...

Afternoon of Hope Luncheon

Jul 1, 2013 12:04:44 PM

Approximately 240 people attended the 1st Annual Afternoon of Hope Luncheon at the UGM Center for Women & Children in Coeur d’Alene to learn more...

Take Action: Clothe Yourselves with Compassion

Jul 1, 2013 12:02:17 PM

Take Action: Clothe Yourselves with Compassion