Faith, Photography & Financial Savvy: How Bruce and Fran Created a Legacy

Posted by Union Gospel Mission Nov 10, 2020 12:02:00 PM

Meet Bruce Rogers. He is one of UGM’s faithful partners, with over four-hundred financial donations on record.


He and his wife Frances first gave to UGM as a response to our 1988 annual event and they gave faithfully from that day on. But their partnership with us goes even deeper than that. Years ago, the two of them developed a small business creating greeting cards featuring their own local photography. After Frances passed away, Bruce gave the remaining collection of over 2,000 cards to Union Gospel Mission. We have since reproduced the images and created an ongoing production of these “Bruce and Frances” cards which we use to communicate with our ministry partners.


Another way this dynamic duo has impacted our community is through the legacy gift Frances left to Anna Ogden Hall at her passing. Having endured an abusive relationship before her marriage to Bruce, Frances committed to helping other women and children. Through incredible selflessness and decades of wise investing, she was able to save a considerable sum in her estate which she left to Anna Ogden Hall. This legacy gift will impact the lives of countless women and children, as it allows Anna Ogden Hall to expand.


Having both met the Lord at a revival meeting in 1961, Frances and Bruce chose to live in a way that not only prioritized the needs of those suffering today, but also the future needs of many to come. Like his wife, Bruce has included Union Gospel Mission in his estate plans.


Today, Bruce continues to deliver his monthly donation in person. He has also volunteered weekly at 2nd Harvest for 25 years. He says, “If you can’t feed the people you’re preaching to, they’re not going to respond.” A truly Christ-like example.


Bruce and Frances have inspired many people to live their lives and manage their finances in a way that makes an eternal impact.


If you’re interested in including UGM in your estate plans, contact Gwen Schwartz, 509.536.3797.

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