Rooted in the Word

Posted by Barbara Comito, Marketing Director Mar 10, 2020 5:42:19 PM

Ron Stice spends three days a week at the UGM Center for Women and Children in Coeur d’Alene. He teaches the Bible for Phase III women and math to help residents “shake the rust off their brains,” if they haven’t used their skills in a while. He also serves as the CWC chaplain. He loves sharing Scripture and has a gift for teaching- no matter the subject.


Ron has been involved in teaching and ministry for 46 years, six of them at CWC. He believes knowing God’s Word is critical to recovery and navigating life after a resident finishes the recovery program.

“The word of God—in it, is the answer to every problem, every situation they will face. It’s true they need support, they need the church, they need all that, but, [the Word] is what directs our life.”

Ron begins each class with a lesson on being rooted in faith and truth so that students can learn how to withstand life’s storms and hardships. He says instilling the Word of God in his students is about more than just their time at CWC; it’s about moving the Kingdom of God forward through their lives and journeys forward.

“What drives me is my love for Jesus…He sees these ladies in a light that they don’t see themselves in yet, and He has allowed me to see that through prayer and time. He has given me a glimpse of what these ladies can be. And so, whatever part I play to instill that in them… I want every one of these ladies to succeed. Why? Because if they succeed, then the Kingdom succeeds a little more.”

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