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LIFE at the Mission

Inside stories of hope, courage, and recovery

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Jim and Ken


5 min read

Honoring Jerry Reese: An Authentic Man

Jerry Reese, Men’s Recovery Director at UGM, has a large stick mounted on his office wall. Underneath, there’s a plaque in Latin: “Lignum unum deum”...

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4 min read

The Emotional Toll of Fatherlessness

A common thread among many people who enter the LIFE Recovery program is an absent or abusive father. Samantha’s story reflects the devastating...

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Ron and UGM kids May 09.jpg

4 min read

Homeless and Fatherless

As a regular volunteer at the Crisis Shelter, Ron noticed a pattern in many of the homeless women and children he served: Dad wasn’t in the picture....

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James Bishop is the multimedia producer for the Union Gospel Mission, producing video and radio spots telling the stories of UGM. He's also a devoted husband and father of four beautiful children (the youngest born shortly after this photo was taken) who know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Daddy loves them.

3 min read

The Love of the Father

It’s a long road learning that you’re loved by God, who calls himself our Father, especially if you’ve never known your real father. That journey has...

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