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How UGM has changed me

Feb 6, 2019 5:00:15 PM

"Change"  is one of UGM's distinctives. It defines our piece of the pie. We are here for people currently living in addiction or homelessness who are ready to change their lives, and we believe that life transformation is possible for everyone. But, make no mistake, it's not just the residents who are changing. Life transformation is happening across the ministry, in the lives of staff members as much as anyone else. Ask any of our employees how UGM has changed their lives, and we’re pretty sure they’ll respond with something along the lines of what our senior leadership and communications team share here.

Working from the heart

May 3, 2017 1:24:16 PM

Being a good worker is still about our hearts, not just our behavior. Our attitude and our obedience honors God when we work faithfully for him.

Employment Helps the Homeless

Jul 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM

One of the ways UGM is working to break the cycle of poverty is through the Employment Ready Program.

A Cook in the Kitchen: Joe Wilson Lands a Job

Nov 26, 2014 12:49:00 PM

Joe Wilson had to get identification in order to move from homeless to employed.