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Recovery: Reversing a Lifetime of Distrust

Jun 17, 2021 9:48:32 AM

James Bureau’s childhood did not prepare him for life.

Or, it might be more accurate to say, James’ childhood prepared him perfectly for the life he lived for forty years—dealing and using drugs, womanizing, in and out of prison.

High-Impact Kids: Not Too Young to Make a Difference

Jun 10, 2021 12:07:35 PM

Anneke and Catcher love volunteering in childcare at the UGM Crisis Shelter because they can see how greatly their love and attention impacts kids in crisis.

Unchanging Truth in Changing Times

Jun 3, 2021 10:33:44 AM

When Former Men’s Shelter Chaplain Jim Carson told us he’d like to host a Facebook fundraiser in honor of Union Gospel Mission’s 70th Anniversary, we were surprised...

The Painful Truth that Leads to Freedom

May 27, 2021 3:03:43 PM

Men's Recovery Program Supervisor Mike Sholtz connects the dots between brutal honesty and true freedom.

Not a Lost Cause to God: Linda’s Story

May 20, 2021 12:51:07 PM

UGM Women's Recovery participant Linda shared her testimony of life change at the Spring Phase Promotion 2021.

Failure Is Not the End of Recovery

May 13, 2021 2:52:09 PM

Vickie finished the LIFE Recovery program, but didn't succeed at staying off drugs. Her failure wasn't the end of her recovery journey, though. It was a turning point.

It's a New Day: How UGM Camp Creates Hope

May 6, 2021 12:23:02 PM

At UGM Camp 2021, kids will be able to share their lives, discuss what they've experienced during the pandemic, and enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors.

Forgiveness Breaks the Shame Cycle

Apr 29, 2021 3:39:47 PM

Kerri didn't think it was possible that God's forgiveness was big enough to cover all of her sin and shame. But it was.

Ending Self-Destruction: Sarah’s Story

Apr 22, 2021 2:44:59 PM

Before entering UGM Recovery, Sarah had been trapped in a destructive lifestyle for over ten years. Her wakeup call was when her middle child was taken by CPS.

Troubled Kid to Child of God: Jesse’s Story

Apr 15, 2021 2:50:17 PM

Jesse was headed down a dark path, but Jesus had another plan.