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The Yellow House: A Safe, Healing Environment for Moms and Kids

May 11, 2022 10:13:27 AM

When a mom arrives at UGM with children in tow, we know her needs are going to be complex. She needs to know the little ones will be safe, she needs nutritious meals they’ll actually eat, and she probably needs someone to hold a child, offer a rest and provide supplies. Very likely, in addition to these needs and her own need for care, she’ll also require parenting support and education.

At UGM, every women’s facility has a comprehensive children’s program designed to meet these needs and more. At Anna Ogden Hall, this program is located in the Yellow House.

Intentional Fun: How UGM Camp Helps Kids Build a Better Future

May 4, 2022 9:16:50 AM

UGM Camp is all about relationships—with God, friends and safe adults. See how these relationships set the course for a brighter future.

We Asked Homeless Men to Talk About Sin

Apr 27, 2022 9:45:56 AM

We asked homeless UGM Men's Shelter guests four hard questions about sin.

How the Gospel Brings Us Home

Apr 20, 2022 9:04:56 AM

UGM's Dennis Roach answers the question "What is 'home' and how do we find it?" through the story of a turtle.

Easter at the Mission: Shelter Guests Bring the Gospel Home

Apr 13, 2022 11:31:31 AM

Residents of UGM Shelters answer the question, Who is Jesus and how has the gospel transformed your life?

The Love and Power of the Gospel

Apr 6, 2022 8:12:57 AM

The Lord Jesus' death and resurrection revealed love and power in the most life-transforming way and Easter is a celebration of this truth.

The End of Striving: How the Gospel Brings Rest to the Weary

Mar 23, 2022 8:05:04 AM

UGM Men’s LIFE Recovery counselor Mike Judge has seen the gospel bring rest to weary men time and again.

Joy in the Darkness: How God Pursued Ruschell

Mar 16, 2022 9:42:36 AM

God was always at work in Ruschell's life - long before she acknowledged Him. At UGM, she received the gift of the Holy Spirit and let the Lord change her from the inside out.

The Great Pain Escape

Mar 3, 2022 1:08:47 PM

Is pain always bad? Must it be escaped at all costs? And is there a connection between the fear of feeling pain and the opioid crisis we now face? UGM's Barb Comito breaks down the topic.

Labels and Life Change: A Business Partner Feature

Feb 24, 2022 12:50:38 PM

Art and Kaleen Coffey of Able Label have made the most of their position as leaders in business and faith by investing in the lives of individuals seeking a pathway out of homelessness.