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Does Poverty Cause Homelessness?

May 22, 2019 9:06:34 AM

Editor's note: In addition to being a wife, mother of eight children, a staff member with Cru, and a graduate student, Marchauna Rodgers is a longtime friend of UGM. Over the years, she and her children have been regular meal servers and Thrift Store shoppers. She once said that if any of her children were ever homeless, she would want them to be treated the way UGM treats its guests. We're excited to welcome her to the UGM blog.

By Marchauna Rodgers

First of all, I’m a new voice in this conversation. Though my relationship with UGM is long-standing, it’s honestly been from a position of ignorance in many ways. It wasn’t until beginning a Master of Arts program in Development and Justice that pieces began to fall into place. My emphasis with the program is international development, including a focus on definitions and causes of poverty.

Coming from a faith perspective, theologically aligned with UGM, my faith informs everything I do, including my research into poverty. As you read, remember that lens. If you don’t come from a faith perspective, we can perhaps still agree that while different lenses may affect one's perspectives, they don’t really change the underlying conclusion. 

Juvenile Detention: Discovering God as Father

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Silenced by Anxiety, Freed in Recovery

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God changed me through UGM.

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Union Gospel Mission: Our Doors Are Open

Apr 22, 2019 2:01:00 PM

The gospel is integral who we are. Come and see.

Authenticity in Recovery

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Brian had encountered "hypo-Christians" before coming to UGM. Then he found out what genuine Christ-followers are like. By giving his life to Christ, he's being transformed too.

Learning Who God Really Is

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Young Kristin's family was shunned by their church when their secret came out. Angry at God, she had to come to the end of herself to come back and learn what His love is really like.

Make His Path Straight

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Robert is a new man. Hearing the gospel at UGM, his relationship with God has changed. His view of himself has changed, and his attitude toward other people has changed.

The Gospel and the Gathering

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Homelessness has reached a crisis point in Spokane. What does the Gospel have to do with this important issue?