A Resurrection Story

Adopted into a Church Family

Stop the Lies

Slideshow: Because of you, lives changed in 2018.

The Homeless Crisis in Downtown Spokane

Homeless with Children

Serving the Lord - and Enjoying It

The Great Light

Homelessness: A Case Study

God Loves the Poor

Crisis Shelter Medical Clinic: “Treat them like they matter”

Recovering from Childhood Trauma

Speak Truth. Speak Life.

A New Family

Wonderfully Made

The Truth of Easter

Partnering to Share the Gospel at the Crisis Shelter

18 Ways You Blessed the Homeless in 2017

Strengthen and Solidify

No Longer Alone: Moms and Children

The Gift of Mothers

“A great way to share God’s grace”

Jody: Hardworking... and Homeless

Volunteer Spotlight: Jon Garcia, Men's Shelter

What is the Loving Response to a Homeless Person?

A Different Life

We are in the Heart Business

Light for the Path

Love & Power

Crisis Shelter Update

Kindred Spirits

Partnering with the Inland Northwest

Moms and Kids Reunited

Heart to Heart: Giving Good Gifts

Take Action: Gift Cards

Legacy Partner: Geraldine Fait

Business Partner: Bob McConkey

Take Action: Give Warm Socks and Hats

Happy Faces

The Faithful Team

Heart to Heart: Compassion and Accountability

Partner Profile: Brent Christian

Partner Profile: The Beldens

Heart to Heart: The Heart has Eyes

Homeless - Human

Surviving vs. Thriving

Meaningful Work

Take Action: Create A Better Crisis Shelter!

Imparting Skills and Confidence

Providing an Unforgettable Experience

Holistic Recovery


Take Action: Celebrate with Us

Offering True Friendship

Creative Connections: Whitworth Gives Books

LeAnna - Lost

Why Go to Chapel?

Take Action: Service Projects

Giving Women Hope

Partnering in Recovery: Family of Faith

Tim - Not a Meth Head

What do You have in Common with a Drug Addict?

Take Action: Become a Mentor

Caring for Women and Children

Church Connections: Heart of the City

Rachel - Not a Party Girl

The Root of Our Joy

Take Action: Gift Cards

Meeting the Need: Heritage Health

Church Partner: Christ the Redeemer

We are Thankful

We are Thankful - To Those Seeking Help

We are Thankful - To Those who Give Their Time

We are Thankful - To Those who Give Their Resources

Take Action: Give a Hand Up

A Legacy of Education

Godspeed, Randy Altmeyer

First Impressions

Trace - Homeless

Beyond Labels

There is Always Hope

Take Action: Come for Coffee or Lunch

Volunteer: Michaelyn Hodges

Helping Children in Need

I was defeated.

Take Action: Backpacks

Summit Church serves

Pray for kids at camp.

Perfectionism is the enemy of recovery

I was trapped.

The Freedom to Say "No"

TAKE ACTION: become a UGM Intercessor

Sodexo Donates Camp Food

UGM Women's Auxiliary

I Didn't Have a Job

Good Work

Business Partnerships

Take Action: Give a Hand Up

We Were Alone

Go and Make Disciples

Take Action: Crisis Shelter Teams

Church Connections: Coeur d'Alene Bible Church

Happy Volunteer: Aaron Staeuble

2014 - A Year in Review

We Were Abused


Take Action: Gift Cards

The Desire to Serve, the Ability to Lead

We Were Hungry

Both Kinds of Bread

Partnering with the Community to Feed the Hungry

Tod and Derek

Take Action: Turkeys!

Helen was Homeless

The Foolish and Weak

Cecil was Unemployed

Coffee for Kids

Changed by Volunteering

Take Action: Bible Giveaway

I Was Angry

It's Complicated

Fall Food Drive 2014

Bicycle Repairman

Painting with a Purpose

Pastor to the Homeless

I was empty

The Outcome of Change

Take Action: Buy a Backpack

Community Involvement

I Was Ashamed

The Power of Forgiveness

Take Action: Mama Mia!

UGM Camp - Changes, Changes, Changes

Afternoon of Hope 2014

We Were in Darkness

The Darkest Dark

Cream of the Crop Volunteer

Volunteer Profile: Tim and Amanda Hepper

Community Rewards Program

The Last Addiction Discussion

We were Victims

Poverty and Family Breakdown

The Family that Serves Together

Take Action: Organize a Drive

Engage! Work Seminar

Like a Child - Donate Clothing

I Was in Denial, and You Showed Me the Truth

The Opposite of Denial

Notes of Thanks and Amazement

Take Action: Closet Cleanout

I Was Broken

A Christmas Irony

A Heart for Children

More than Soup

Mental Health and Homelessness

Take Action: Spread the Warmth

I Was in Prison

Being Barnabas

From My Perspective

Kids in Lock-Up

A Safe Place

Hospitality to the Homeless

Take Action: Fall Food Drive

Business Practicum: Hospitality

Aftercare: Bill and Jan Traynor

Stop Hunger: Kate Gibson

Christmas for the Homeless


A Working Relationship

Dressed in Praise

Tshimakain Creek Camp Update

Movie Night

Table Talk

Take Action: Back to School

God's Heart/Your Hands

Daughters of the King

Afternoon of Hope Luncheon

Take Action: Clothe Yourselves with Compassion

Out of the Ashes

Starla: Ashes to Beauty

Memorials - April 2013

Sharing basic comfort

Comfort in – Comfort out

Take Action: Pray

Bearing one another’s burdens

Reading comfort in our lives

Comfort for those who mourn

Living Loved

Binding up the Brokenhearted

Take Action - Calling all Kids!

It's My Niche

Seeing Clearly

Storytelling God-Style

Equal Measures

A Ministry of Presence

The Listening Piece

Impacting Lives Together in 2012

Hunger Busters

A Christmas Oak

God With Us

Three of God's Children

The Only Number that Matters

Thank You, Safeco Foundation!

A Life-Giving Connection

A Reflection on Friday Night Outreach

Women's Auxiliary Goes to Camp

Dedication of the UGM Center for Women & Children in CDA

A Little Goes a Long Way

Making Old Things New

Staying the Course

UGM Volunteers Rock!

Giving Back

Volunteer Profile: Leslie Barta

Contributing Members of Society

Phil on Veterans

Update on Sean Stevens

Me-Dependent vs. God-Dependent

Volunteer Profile: Autumn Banks

Trust Fall

UGM Idaho Hires Key Staff

Father's Day 2012

A Graduation Story

Happy Mother's Day 2012

Chapel Provider: Rob Lento and His Song

Celebrate Recovery

How We Help Our Veterans

Restore My Soul

The Message of Hope

Pictures of Beauty

Chapel Provider Greg Beumer

Standing Together in Coeur d'Alene

Taking Risks

Why I Like Camp...

Beautiful Consequences


Life to the Full

Young Men on the Streets

Case Management

Vision Care

Take Action: Socks Needed!

Food and Shelter

To Reach the Poor

March 2012 Memorials

Communicating Grace

Care and Comfort

Medical Help

Mashell's Story

Jerred in Training

John Goes to Work

A Gift in Disguise

5 Years: Refuge of Hope

Trish at Work

Derek at the Davenport

Against All Odds

Christie at Life Center

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